Tantra in Psychotherapy?

Second International Congress
for Real Psychotherapy,
Psycholytic Therapy and Alternative Psychiatry

for therapists, patients, experts, and everyone interested or involved

19th – 21st June 2015
Therapeutic-Tantric-Spiritual University
Lüsslingen-Nennigkofen, Switzerland

Zerschlage uns, was nicht aus Liebe geboren
entreisse uns, was nicht für immer gedacht
und löse uns auf in die Freiheit von dem, was versprochen ist
Danièle Nicolet Widmer


What is tantra?

Tantra is the path of fulfilment and abstinence, the path that seeks balance in everything, that abstains from everything that does not increase love, and that strives for freedom and the feeling of oneness in all things.

Is there a place for tantra in psychotherapy?

Combining tantra with psychotherapy enables therapy to return to its original concern with overcoming personal history and, through integration of the problems surrounding the incest-taboo, with finding real relationship and love.

What is the right approach to sexuality and relationship within psychotherapy?

Real psychotherapy brings the freedom to explore all issues without taboo and to learn how to act with full responsibility, to take all factors into account, to give importance to conflict-free living, and to act out of love in all situations.


A notice in PDF format is available here: Congress-Notice

The congress is organised by
AVANTI International Association for Physicians for Alternative Psychiatry and Real Psychotherapy
in association with
WWMM World Wide Magic Movement